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We Are Firm That Truly Dedicated To You

About Team Property Pivot

Common Man

We are team of consisting MBA's, BE's . We don't have tag of IIT or IIM but we are common people with cumulative experience of more than 25 Years.
We have experience of real estate sector but we are not brokers or builders, We are common people who looks for property every day, we are the one among you.

Our Mission

Common Goal

Our Mission is simple, we are willing to create simplified property search platform and better real estate marketplace, where common man could come and perform property search effortlessly.
In India we don't have any proper real estate marketplace and regulations, people don't find exact information what they look for, we will get facts infront of you.

Our Vision

Common Vision

We believe that common goal of simplified property search platform and better real estate marketplace.
This vision can be achieved by making common man equipped with best possible information and some education about proper use of online platforms.